Nurse Recruitment at PMCRH

Welcome to nursing at PMCRH! Here you will have the full respect of the health care team, administrative staff, and physicians. We value our nurses, treat them professionally and strive to provide them an environment where they can achieve the utmost job satisfaction and growth.

At the ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital, our goal is to become a magnet hospital for nurses (and other employees as well). To meet this objective we strive to continuously enhance our already strong nursing department while striving to meet the challenges and changes in health care that frequently occur.

Our Nursing Professional Practice Model above shows that the patient is always the focus of our decision making and care. This model surrounds the patient while defining the patient as the core and central purpose of our work. Nursing care that we provide to patients and their families is founded on three caring principles; safety, comfort and education. These three principles provide the backbone for care delivery and process improvement. And while we provide this nursing care, we are committed to ensure that our values are maintained at all times. These same values are PMCRH's organizational values as well, consisting of commitment to excellence, respect for others and to maintain integrity in all that we do.

If your dream is to further develop your career while:
providing professional nursing in a quality environment,
advancing your knowledge
gaining experience
and where nursing care consistently scores in the 90th percentile in patient satisfaction. . . then please consider PMCRH!

Mary Rose, RN, BSN, MBA
Associate Administrator for Patient Services

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Behavioral Health
Critical Care
Emergency Room
Home Health
Medical Unit
Surgical Services
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