Surgical Services

Inpatient and Outpatient

The ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient surgical services. Services offered include endoscopy; general and vascular surgery; orthopedics; urology; bariatrics; ears, nose ,and throat (ENT); and hand, foot, and eye surgeries. PMCRH has a full staff of physicians qualified in all of these areas of surgery.

Equipment and procedures continue to advance with new technology and education, allowing PMCRH to maintain a highly competitive surgical services department.

Bariatric Surgeon

Akram Daoud, DO

Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon

Edward Jankowski, MD

General Surgeons & Vascular and Non-Cardiac Thoracic Surgery

Akram Daoud, DO, Michael Delong, MD

Podiatry Surgeons

Christopher Bussema, DPM, James McClain, DPM

Orthopedic Surgeons

Richard Hartman, Jr., DO, Mark Mayer, MD

Ophthalmolgy Surgeon

Joseph Holicki, DO
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