Behavioral Health

Nurses in the Behavioral Health Department work on the 16 bed inpatient adult psychiatric unit. Patients are admitted if they are a danger to themselves or others or are so mentally ill that they cannot care for themselves. The usual census on the psych unit is 6-7 patients and they stay about a week. For this number of patients there are two nursing staff, one RN and either an LPN or a psychiatric technician. Nurses working on the psych unit have on the job training. There is no special certification required, although the certification in psychiatric nursing is highly desired. Psychiatric nurses are important members of our multidisciplinary team which includes the psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker and the occupational therapist. The best part of being a psychiatric nurse is the feedback we get from our patients. At discharge they express their gratitude to the staff for their ability to safely return to their families and the community.
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