Emergency Medicine Clerkship at Commuity Health Center

Students assigned to the emergency ward are under the supervision of one of several board certified ER physicians. Hands-on opportunity for medical and surgical mangement is a strength of the rotation. On most rotations, the shifts are 8-12 hours long and do not include weekends unless discussed with the ER attending.

In instances where more than one student is assigned to the ER rotation the shifts are split to allow continued one-on-one exposure. Our ER volume is about 22,000 patients yearly and includes a variety of medical, surgical, pediatric, obstetrical and trauma cases.

Opportunities to review and discuss radiological films and ECG strips with the attendings are another strength of the service. For students with specific goals and objectives, the rotation can be adapted to help meet individual student needs.

Our ER Staff:

David Fuchs, M.D. is the ED Director and is
actively involved in student and resident education.

Daniel Knobloch, M.D. and Balraj Dahiya, M.D. are also invloved in trainee education. In addition to these full time physicians, the ED employs several part time staff. The ED teaching faculty is voluntary but all the ER physicians are interested in trainee education and have asked to participate.




Additional Clerkship Information:

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