Family Medicine Clerkship

Students assigned to the family medicine service may be assigned to one of several physician services. Drs. Vogel and Hamilton supervise the FP residency program through the Family Medicine Clinic (FMC)located on campus at the medical center. The clinic serves the Medicaid and Medicare population and has about 8500 patient encounters yearly. The clinic is an approved rural health facility and has both a mid-level provider plus the FP residents. Students are assigned individual patients and precept with the senior clinicians. Opportunities to observe procedures and perform procedures under supervision is a plus.

Students may be assigned to the Union City Clinic (UC) and would be under the supervision of Jacki Govier, D.O. This clinic is owned by PMCRH and the patient case load and demographics are similar to the FMC. This clinic is also an approved rural health facility. No residents train in the UC clinic so opportunities for one-on-one exposure and supervision are high. Opportunities to perform ambulatory procedures under supervision are a strength of this rotation. The clinic is located in Union City Michigan and is about 12 miles North of the main campus.

Drs. Berry in Bronson Michigan and Davis in Litchfield Michigan also host student rotations. Both offices are about 12 miles away from the main campus. Both of these rotations have a more commercial case mix. Both of the doctors are graduates of the residency program and both are rated as excellent trainers by the residents on annual review. For all of the FP rotations, hands-on opportunities with clinical discussion and constructive direction are part of the daily routines. Opportunities to utilize point of care computer assisted training is encouraged.





H. Lauren Vogel, D.O. is the FP program director, DME and FMC clinic medical director. He has been actively involved in osteopathic education for 35 years. Dr. Vogel has been with ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital since 1995.

Tim Miller, D.O. joined the PMCRH faculty in July 2012. Both physicians actively practice osteopathic medicine.

Our family practice teaching group includes Drs. Vogel, Miller, Berry, Davis, and Govier. Troy Davis, D.O., Tania Berry, D.O. and Jacki Govier, D.O. are graduates of our program and maintain practices in our under served comunity. All are certified by the ABOFP and actively practice osteopathic medicine. In addition to hospital in patient care trainees rotate through the physician's offices and enjoy a one-on-one training opportuity with highly skilled clinicians. Opportunities to practice manipulative therapy are strengths of these rotations.

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