Surgery Training at ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital

Students interested in obtaining surgical training at PMCRH have numerous opportunities. We have three general surgeons that offer an extensive range of services for our patients. Endocrine, thoracic, peripheral vascular and GI surgeries are performed at our center. We also offer training in orthopedic surgery, urology, ophthalmology and anesthesiology as specialty rotations. Our strength is the ability for students to train in a hands-on environment one-on-one with a senior attending.

Our Surgical Staff

A Daoud

ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital has two board certified general surgeons, all who participate in the osteopathic training program. Akram Daoud, D.O. and Michael DeLong, M.D. (not shown) take students and residents onto their services.

All PMCRH surgeons enjoy teaching and all encourage clinical experience in their offices.

Assignment can be by request or by random assignment.

Other surgical specialties with physicians participating in our training program include Ophthalomology, under the direction of Joesph Holicki,D.O., Anesthesiology, under the direction of Jeffrey Schultz, M.D., and Orthopedics, under the supervision of Mark Mayer, M.D.




Kevin Brewton, M.D. provides training in urology and James McClain, D.P.M. offers exposure to podiatry for interested students. Both physicians have active private practices and enjoy training students in their respective specialties.



Additional Clerkship Information:

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