PMCRH Hospice Services

A program dedicated to providing a special kind of care...

Hospice Services exist to care for the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of this special group of patients and their families. Our focus is on making patients as comfortable as possible so that they can make the most of the time that remains to them.

A doctor certifies the patient is terminally ill with a 6 month or less prognosis.
The patient and family understand and accepts the hospice philosophy.
A caregiver is available 24 hours.

Hospice Services provided-

Physician directed care.
Registered Nurse to assist with pain management, assessment and teaching for
     necessary care during the dying processs.
Coverage for medications and durable medical equipment.
Social Worker for emotional support, comfort measures, bereavement and funeral
Physical, speech and occupational therapies available.
Spiritual Care Coordinator for spiritual support.
Volunteers available for family respite.
Dietary consultation available.
Follow up grief support upon your request.
Home health aides available for personal care.

No job is too big or too small for the Hospice team - it helps in every way it can to assist you through this difficult time.

With Hospice you will be among friends who care.

Hospice will be there for the family after the death for grief and bereavement support.

"Hospice is more than just pain meds, hospital beds and oxygen.  Hospice is about people - the patient, family and friends.  It is caring and comfort.  It is tears and sadness.  But it is also laughter and talk of times past.  It is giving individual care to each family - giving each family what they need in their unique situations." -  Ann Gullberg, RN

PMCRH Hospice Service is dedicated to making this possible

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