PMCRH School Tele-Medicine Clinics

PMCRH School Tele-health Program Enrollment Packet- Printable

Welcome to PMCRH school tele-medicine clinics!

We are very excited to be serving your student at our tele-medicine clinic.

The ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital (PMCRH) received a grant which allows us to bring state-of-the-art healthcare to Branch County schools through tele-health medicine. This process starts with the completion of the enclosed enrollment packet. This allows us to have access to your student's health history just as any doctor's office would. If you wish to be called before treatment, or wish to be present during an exam, we will be happy to accommodate you, in most cases.

The nurse will provide a physical assessment of your student and document the reason for the visit. When medically appropriate, your student will link to a PMCRH Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic physician or nurse practitioner where they can visually see the patient, as well as high-definition camera images of the exam in real time. The school clinic has special assessment equipment that links via Bluetooth to equipment in the Pediatric Clinic so that the provider can see and hear what the nurse sees and hears. We also have a high resolution camera for skin assessments. These images can be saved to the student's file for future reference and/or sent to your primary medical provider if you do not use the PMCRH Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic.

If prescriptions are needed, we are able to send them into your pharmacy of choice and will notify you of the need to pick them up, and provide a summary of your student's visit. Your insurance will be billed for the exam just as if your student went to the doctor's office. If your student does not have insurance, we will assist you in enrolling in one that works for you. No one will be denied healthcare due to the inability to pay.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 517-279-5295.
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